Black Lives Matter

Don’t be confused on where I stand: Black Lives Matter. Black Trans Lives Matter. Las Vidas Negras Importan.

I am a Tejanx/Chicanx/Latinx, but that doesn’t give me an automatic pass—anti-Blackness is real in the Latinx community. Colonization really did a number on us. I know I hold privilege as a lighter-skinned Latinx.

I’ve been outspoken about racism in my professional life for years, but I’ve resolved to do more anti-racism work in my personal life. And the work continues on. There will be times I don’t get it right, but I commit to fighting white supremacy wherever it rears its ugly, pasty-ass head.

I’m also committed to make this a safe space for all BIPOC folx, sexualities, gender identities, abilities, disabilities, body types, and ages. Sewing is for everyone.

Communities to follow

  • #SewOver50: A hashtag focusing on sewers over 50, because “sewing isn’t just for grandmas” is ageist as hell.

Other than this list, do your own work and research. Don’t put the burden on your marginalized friends to teach you.